remember how i said i was supposed to go in for work on monday but didn't? well, yesterday morning i went in early and frantically began working on the exhibits only to have my boss tell me at 11 that we no longer needed them for the 1:00 mtg. sure glad i didn't waste my holiday for them!!!!!!!!!!!

drove to lansing last night for work. didn't get there till 10:30. worked there today. just got back about 15 mins ago. i am exhausted. purely exhausted. want to sleep but need to eat dinner first. i am attempting to light the grill so when dave gets home soon after 8 he can grill us some fish. it is hard to light the grill. he makes it look soooo easy :( i sure am lucky to have him :)

....i hope dave got the pics from the weekend developed today so i can post them on here later...

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