back with Dave & the Lord's Day

I was so happy to be back home with David Sat. night. He fixed me a great dinner - grilled burgers, corn on the cob, salad and sweet tea. And then he even helped to clean up the dishes!
Sunday, we went to sunday school and concluded our 6 week class about New Hope. They talked about how to get more involved and what it takes to become a member. Up until now we've felt very temporary here but I guess now I feel like I want to be more involved. So we might become members. Problem is they want all members to first be baptized by immersion. I am, but Dave's not, so we're discussing this. Not sure what will happen about it. But I do know I'm taking one of my first steps to become more involved - by making cookies for the Bible School closing ceremony thing on Friday.

In his sermon, the pastor also talked about just how new parents prepare a room for their baby that God prepared the world for us and our enjoyment, among other things. So anyhow, that got me to thinkin'. If we did have a baby while living here, would we actually fix up a room for the baby? We've been such tight wads about the house, not spending anything on it cuz it is going to be destroyed for the development, but I think it might be kind of sad to not decorate for a new baby. But, would we go against all our convictions for a baby? Hmmm....so we had some deep conversations Sunday about that too.

We had lunch at El Jaripeo and then went for a Sunday afternoon drive. David showed me some really neat dream homes he found while I was out of town. We took some pics, which you can see here. Then we came home and took a 2.5 hour nap. Very nice. Very needed. I was exhausted after this week!

Then we went out and returned a bunch of clothes that I'd gotten at Walmart and Target cuz I don't need them after the shopping spree at Mom's house. We also found me a swimming suit at Target. I got it with some birthday money from Dave's parents. It looks really nice and will be great for the houseboating trip. We had supper at Lone Star and then came home. It was a very relaxing wonderful day. The Lord's Day :)

*But it's all over now....and it sure is Monday...*

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