God's Providence

Well, He continues to surprise and bless us beyond any expectations. Last night we unexpectedly received a large sum of money from some friends for something that we didn't think they would pay us for for a while, as well as some money to go out to dinner. We went to the Milky Way. Mmmmm...broasted chicken dinner and ice cream. What more can you ask for?

Then we started talking about the rest of the money and what we would do with it. Turns out it is exactly what we need to pay on David's tools for the next couple weeks and pay for our part of the new jet ski we got with Margaret and Rod. Now we won't have to take out any money from our checking account for this. Also, on Wednesday I will be reimbursed for some work expenses and it should be enough to cover our houseboating trip. So, our checking and our savings accounts will remain intact and even when we go on vacation.

And, like I told you earlier this week...when I went home to help my mom prepare for the garage sale, I was blessed to find 3 huge boxes of clothes - work pants, shirts, jeans, shorts, shoes, dresses (even one to wear to Ryan & Meryl's wedding this weekend)- so many things that I wanted to buy and won't have to now.

I can do nothing but praise the Lord for all of this! I don't really choose to believe that things like this in our financial lives are only coincidences. Ever since we've started taking responsibility for our actions and digging ourselves out of debt, things just seem to work out so well. God is truly blessing us and providing for us in ways we could never have imagined. How else can you explain all of it? Wow! I'm in awe...

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