Prayers needed...

for my Aunt Connie and Uncle Dick. While at a wedding this weekend for Dave's cousin in Illinois, I received a call from my sister in Ohio telling us that our aunt and uncle had been in a terrible accident. They were pulling out of their driveway Saturday afternoon and were hit on the drivers side by a gravel truck. My uncle was careflighted to the Ohio State hospital in Columbus and they wanted to take my aunt too but couldn't take them both so they later took her by ambulance form the local hospital. As of this morning, my uncle was in critical condition and they had put him in an induced coma so they could operate on him. My aunt is in stable condition. I am just so shocked by how fast these things can happen. I just talked to Aunt Connie about 2 weeks ago on the phone real quick and I had wanted to go visit them while in Ohio last weekend but ran out of time. I just ask that you keep them and the family in your prayers. When I hear more I'll update.

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