another crazy night for the neers...............

we've had a busy evening so far. i worked out at the gym with erica tonight. after that i dropped some pics off to aunt lisa. then i met dave and his team leader, nick, at dick's bodacious bbq cuz they were just leaving work and it was dealer appreciation night so we got 8 free chicken wings. mmmm....very good! then we had to rush off to champion so dave could get more engine parts b4 they closed their door at 8. then we came home (well, actually, we first stopped at starbucks for a light caramel frap cuz i couldn't avoid the temptation...only 3 points!!!!!!!!!!!). so, yeah, then we came home. i mowed the yard. had to quit cuz it got dark. i think i pretty much got it all but couldn't really see if i missed a spot anymore. meanwhile, dave moved the engine from the engine stand to the cherry picker. not real sure what he's doing but he's still out there working away. he keeps coming in here to check torque specs on alldata so i suppose i better stop hoggin' the computer. thanks again to all of our parents for making this photo below possible. i'd hate to see dave trying to lift this thing on his own again. ahhhhhhh. or worse, asking me to help :( Posted by Picasa

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