another day gone...

summer is going so fast. dave reminded me tonight that the mud bog is 2 weeks from today! yikes! in the next 2 weeks he must finish his jeep. i just helped him drop the engine, transmission and transfer case in AGAIN. well, this is the first time for the transfer case... but i guess it will have to come out one more time before it's all said and done. thanks to phil, shan & jessie for the manifold pics today. dave is very grateful.

i'm pretty much all packed up for knoxville now. i am going to take dave to work in the a.m. so i'll have to get up extra early so that i can shower and finalize my packing by 7. won't see dave till saturday most likely. :( not so thrilled about that. but slightly happy about the work opportunity. will get to see at least 2 or 3 people that i met in nashville in january for training.

well, gonna turn in now for the night. dave's still out there messing with his "project" *uncle rico voice* and i'm gonna enjoy my last night of zzzzzzzzzzz's in my own bed for a while.


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