Home Sweet Home! & more adventures of a biz chic

erica picked me up at the airport tonight. i was so glad to be home!! i had a rough day today. pretty tired after the adventures last night. then i had to catch a plane at 12:30 in knoxville. didn't get to have lunch first. so i got pretty queazy on the flight from knoxville to memphis. started getting way overheated and thought i was about to be sick, but ended up blacking out as the plane landed. i came to and didn't really know where i was at first. the poor guy sitting next to me, who i'd been talking to prior to blacking out, wondered what was wrong with me. .......how embarrassing!!!!!!!!!! all i know is i'm very relieved to be home tonight. i think i may work on my scrapbook of our vacation to savannah now.

anyhow, so e & i had a lot of fun spending the evening together. we talked about a lot of things, had some chix fajitas, and even looked thru our wedding reception pics (the ones i recently recovered from mom's house). i'm so lucky to have such a sweet friend :) !!


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