Last weekend with the Stetzels

Dave's old roommate, Jared, and his wife Kim, and their daughter Lilee came to visit over the weekend. They got hear Sat about lunch time. We had burgers and corn on the cob. Then we just hung out at the house all afternoon. Kim & I had a lot of fun catching up. Turns out she sells "Tastefully Simple" stuff now. I plan on having a party with her later this fall. We talked a lot about their baby - who is due Sept 25 (guess I was wrong about thinking Kim was due in August) - they don't know whether they're having a boy or a girl and Kim is very happy with that. She wants to be surprised. Jared had fun helping Dave work on Brutus. They even got it started. We all went outside to witness that special moment. :) Lilee had fun playing our piano while we fixed dinner (mexican casserole). Kim & Jared were telling us over dinner how good the movie "National Treasure" is so the guys ran out to Best Buy and bought it so we could see it. Meanwhile, I got to read Lilee some bedtime stories - one about Noah's ark, a Veggie Tales book, and her Bible. She really warmed up to me as the day went by. She even learned how to say "Katie" before the night was over. I was so impressed. After Lilee was in bed, we watched the movie. We ended up staying up really late, Kim & I even made a run to TA about 1 a.m. while the guys had malts. Then Sunday we all went to church together. It was a lot of fun worshipping with them.

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