Major disappointment!

Well, after several months of late nights and hard work, Dave did not get to appear in the mud bog... He ordered his lift kit from Rocky Road over a month ago. All of it came except for the shocks. They were supposed to arrive yesterday but did not. Not sure if it was Rocky Road's fault or UPS's fault. (Yet we got charged like $70 shipping. I would think if we paid $70 to ship the things faster then we should have something to show for it!! ....hhhhh...ok, I'm done ranting....) So when I got home and discovered that nothing had been delivered, I called him at work and told him. I knew he would be disappointed. He technically could have participated w/o the shocks, but he still had to do something with the exhaust & put on the front wheels/tires and he didn't get home till 6, which was when he should have already been up there registering. So, anyhow, Dave & I decided we can't move anytime in the next year cuz we need another chance at participating in the mud bog!!

I think he took it all really well. Better than I would have. I mean, he's been working so hard. Monday night I was still up at 1a.m. helping him bleed the breaks. And he was up way after that. We're both pretty relieved now that some of the pressure is off so he doesn't have to stay up so late working on it. (Although, he is saying perhaps he'll try to enter it in the contest on Friday - he wouldn't do very well against the outlaws but he would have fun at least.) The thing that is most disappointing though I believe is that he had to drive the Scrambler to work yet again today. He is very annoyed by it. He has to wear coveralls in the mornings when it is chilly then sweats all the way home at night cuz it's so hot.

He ended up sitting by our small group leader (Guy) all night at the mud bog and they had fun talking. Guy said if he had a dime every time Dave mentioned his Jeep though, he would have been rich!! (Join the club, huh?) So, we got to see Brad in the brown Jeep and our other small group member, Nick, in his Chevy truck, along with a ton of other local guys... and girls. I watched a lot of the mud bog and also went around the fair with Tamara, Adrian, & Nick's wife, Jill. Had a caramel apple...mmmm.

Check out pics from the fair on our picasa site (http://picasaweb.google.com/dnkneer). We have a video of the brown Jeep on our camera that I would like to post on here but not sure how yet... See ya!

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Linn & Jenny Kropf said...

OH, my boy! Sorry you didn't get to participate....can't wait to see you guys though. Tickets were cheap really late two nights ago...thought I better not call...$223+ tax...not too bad!
-Sorry about the double message...blogger was acting up and I didn't think it posted.