A poem for y'all

I Am From...
{I was having a peppermint candy this morning and recalled many a day spent at Grandma's house eating them...it took me back to other memories which lead to this poem. It is a lot like one I wrote in high school in Mrs. Steider's class, but with some new memories thrown in. Oh, how wonderful it was to be a little girl on the farm...}
I am from Christmas memories at Grandma's house,
Eating peppermint candies, stringing up tacky red tinsel and drinking 7up punch
I am from dancing to Peter Cottontail and the polka
playing dressup and eating roast beef and potatoes for lunch.

I am from autum leaves and golden corn,
The magic feeling of harvest time,
Talking to dad at the grain bins each night,
Eating candy corn in the combine.

I am from "Middle Lake,"
Swimming lessons, heat, and thunderstorms,
Drinking pepsi and eating tostitos with Aunt Barbie,
Making sand castles till I got too warm.

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