10 things I wanna do this weekend (I doubt I will do them all, but here's my dream weekend nonetheless):
  1. go to the mudbug tonight
  2. go to the drive-in saturday with dave in "brutus" (IF IT IS DONE) - we'll see pirates of the caribbean and you, me and dupree
  3. make a scrapbook for our trip to savannah, charleston, etc. (the one we took in march)
  4. go to new hope and worship the LORD!! :)
  5. clean the office, keep the house clean like it is now
  6. mow the yard
  7. balance the checkbook if july's statement arrives - I LOVE doing this! (maybe i should have been an accountant...)
  8. buy plane tix to go to jenny's!!!
  9. play putt-putt golf sunday afternoon/evening with the amaro's (maybe I should inform them, huh?)
  10. exercise at least once to stay focused on my health & fitness

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