Reading, funny date, etc.

I recently bought a bunch of books on ebay. 6 books for $56. that includes shipping. thought that was a really good deal. anyhow, they all started arriving yesterday. some of them are just topics that i've been wanting to learn more about and still others are just for fun.

read an entire book between 9 last night and 11 this morning (and even got a good nights sleep in between) and today i dug into another that arrived in the mail about noon. i'm several hundred pages into it. pretty much read all that i wanted to in it at this point but i'll hang onto it for future reference. anyhow, i am learning a lot and very thankful to have found these books. changing my perspective on a lot of things.

that's pretty much all i did today. i had high aspirations to be a bit more productive but as i got into this last book i just wanted to learn as much as i could so i kept reading and reading and reading.....

dave gave me flowers yesterday. then we stayed up late last night seeing if we could get his engine and trans and all related stuff into the jeep. didn't quite fit. he's kinda puzzled now. coming up with a plan.

tonight we had an interesting "date" - we went to brownsburg to go to acapulco joe's (usually go to the one downtown but thought we'd try this one) then we got there and couldn't find it. called brad cuz he used to go there. he said it was no longer in biz. it's now a cancun mexican restaurant. dave doesn't like the cancun chain as well but we went anyways. turns out it was pretty good. then dave got us a pb cup blizzard from ritters. then we decided to go putt-putt golfing. drove all the way down to avon. drove up and down 36 for 45 mins to determine that the avon rec center is no longer in biz!!!!!!! called brad again. he said, "oh yeah. they changed the zoning there and increased property taxes so that the guy couldn't stay in biz any longer". so they tore down the rec center and replaced it with a dumb strip mall. the ironic thing is before we even realized it was gone i was ranting and raving to dave about how i hate suburbia and all the strip malls. so now the only putt-putt golf place any of us can think of in the entire metropolitan area is on 37 almost to noblesville. by the time we realized all this it was too late to drive all the way over there from avon, so we just went home. so......we were a little disappointed. guess we don't get out enough. the places we like to go are going out of biz and we don't even know it!!!!! i would think that there would be more putt-putt places here. if even little urbana has one you'd think indy would have more than one. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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