The latest in Anson, IN...and our TV story

Check out the latest pics. Dave took these tonight. They built a river down the road. And a huge pond. No water in it yet. My question for you - can you see the Scrambler? If you can...that will give you a little perspective on just how HUGE this pond is...

I'm looking forward to the weekend already. Saturday I'm going to an Intro to Yoga class at the gym with Erica. Dave & I are going to John & Jenny's wedding Saturday night. I really, really hope that it is nice weather for them cuz it's an outdoor wedding. And Sunday we're going to the race with our neighbors. I'm not really sure what to expect as I've never been to an actual race before. Been to the Speedway. Just not during an actual race.

We worked on the yard last night. I mowed while David ran the weed eater and cleaned up some of the junk lying around. Our house looks so nice now! Yay! He even cleaned up the shed so it's easier to park our mower in it now. I'm so glad that he had time to put into making the place look better. He's been neglecting it a bit since Brutus... which, by the way is still not done. He put on the V8 flywheel Monday night only to find that then the clutch wouldn't work so he had to order another clutch from Chrysler and will get that Friday. Perhaps Saturday will be the day when it all comes together?!??!?!?!?!

I've been a little lonely lately cuz Dave is so busy with trying to get Brutus running. I have resorted to reading lots of books and even watching a movie or two. I suppose I could use this time to clean the office but I usually don't feel like starting something that big after a long day at work.

I can't really watch TV...maybe some of you don't know this story so I will share...

While I was in school, I would often come home and watch TV while Dave was slaving away at work.... I really enjoyed watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" and I would watch it nearly every day. Then Dave would come home and instead of greeting him cheerfully, I would make sarcastic remarks like Deborah on the show. He could always tell if I'd watched it or not. So eventually he just snuck over while I was out of the room and unplugged something so we couldn't get any channels anymore. The next day I came home and tried to turn on Dr. Phil or something and I couldn't. All I got was static. So I called him at work to try to find out what was wrong and he said that he had disabled the TV. I was FURIOUS! I tried but could not figure out how to turn it back on. After several months, he decided he wanted to watch something so he turned it back on. I convinced him to go through a "trial" period of introducing TV back in our lives. For a while he allowed it. Then the house turned into a mess and I started acting like Deborah again. He again disabled the TV. The next day I discovered it and called him at work again. He said that it was a test and I had
failed. The TV has not been enabled since. It's been nearly 2 years I believe. The only time we watch TV is if we watch movies, if we are at someone else's house, if we're on business trips or on vacation.

You know, initially I really, really, really resented David's decision to "disable" our TV. I was extremely upset. I felt that he was being very controlling. But once I got over the "addiction" of TV and stepped back, I've realized what a tremendous blessing that decision was on our lives. Occasionally I wish that I could watch TV. Like when he's away on a trip or something and I'm home alone. But then I can watch movies or call someone or blog... Anyhow, once you remove TV from your life you have a lot more time to clean, to organize, to enjoy hobbies, to read, to talk to each other, to join bible studies, whatever... I remember back to the years at WLS, knowing that the Augsburgers (Dave's old pastor's family) did not have a TV and thinking that they were so odd b/c of that. After 2 years of not really watching ours (except for a movie), I can't say that it's a bad thing. I like being away from all the garbage that is on TV. I like not having to plan my evenings around my favorite TV shows.

I hope that you all don't think Dave's some sort of tyrant husband cuz of this story....hehehehe...I don't really mean it at all like that. At this point, I back his decision 100%. I know that I can't really handle the temptation of TV. Or at least I couldn't 2 years ago. I let it rule my life and didn't do homework or clean b/c of it...I didn't even say "hi" to him when he walked in the door unless it was a commercial break. Now I rush to the door and thank him for working hard and make him dinner. (And he does pretty much the same thing if he beats me home...) I think our lives are much more productive and full now that we've eliminated this ultimate time waster...

Well, I'll get off my little soapbox now. I know that all or at least most of you won't agree with us on this subject but I didn't either till I actually tried it...I'm just so grateful that I had a husband who would stand up to me and put a stop to this "addictive" behaviour rather
than just living with it...if he didn't stand up to me, I would never have "quit" TV on my own.

Ok. Really getting off the soapbox now. Good night! ;)

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