Jeep Stuff

We're so excited because we may get to meet Dave's hero "Rusty" soon. http://rustysoffroad.com/ Check out his website. The red ZJ (Grand Cherokee) with the flames down the side is his "personal vehicle." ...I just love how my husband does not idolize athletes, millionaires, historic figures, etc. but a man in Alabama who runs a machine shop specializing in Jeep parts. :) Just kidding.....I don't think he really idolizes him but it is amusing how much I've heard about Rusty and his long arm kit lately.

Dave is also really excited cuz without even trying he influenced Nick, the die-hard Chevy man, to purchase an XJ (Cherokee) today. :) He says it's just b/c Nick rode to Campbellsburg in Brutus with him once. He's been hooked ever since.....heeheheheehe...

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