so yeah...

today was AWESOME! why, you ask? because:
  1. my boss announced that we can all take a paid half day off next monday to recover from the superbowl. i was like, "are you kidding?!"
  2. my boss told the IT woman to get me a new computer b/c she can't fix a problem i'm having with it (goodbye old gateway piece of junk! parting is NOT such sweet sorrow)
  3. i have some real slim katie news.
  4. and construction on anson has begun again. i like to see that. it means that the purchase of our home grows closer. there are bright lights pointing at our windows as i type and large dump trucks rumbling across the frozen former farm fields.
  5. i am just so happy. and now i'm off to make some stir-fry. i'm trying my hand at shrimp stir-fry for myself tonight. chicken for dave.

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Marla Taviano said...

Just caught up on your blog. Congrats on losing some more pounds and eating healthy! I loved your blog on David--you two are honoring God so much with your marriage. You go, girl!