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I'm so excited cuz I have INDOT training tomorrow and only have to be in the office for 30 minutes and then I have a half day off Monday so it's essentially like I'm having a 3 1/2 day weekend. And I've been working little by little on the house all week so I will really be able to relax this weekend.

So David never ceases to amaze me. Tonight I came home from working out and he had done THIS. He replaced the valves, knobs and shower head in our shower. For the first time in FOUR YEARS of living in this house, I have taken a shower and feel that the shampoo actually got washed out. The water pressure is unfathomable! It nearly hurt my skin. But I'm NOT complaining...

You see, our faucet has been drip-drip-dripping for FOUR YEARS and nearly every night I lie in bed, trying to fall asleep, dreading the sound. It makes me have to go to the bathroom. It's soooo annoying. I have begged him to fix it. Not to mention the fact that the rusty water that drips down on the floor of the shower has stained the floor and it splashes up on the curtains so I have to use The Works on the shower curtain every 2-3 weeks to get rid of the orange stains and replace the curtains altogether every 2 or 3 months.

Well, last night I spent a couple hours cleaning the bathrooms (they really needed it) and I put up new shower curtains. Then I explained to David to keep the curtain as far to the edge of the shower as possible so that the splashing onto the curtain might be minimized. He disagreed and thought that wouldn't help. He got home tonight before me and noticed the water had still splashed onto the curtain even though he kept it by the edge. He thought for a minute about giving me an "I-know-it-all" lecture when I got home then thought better and took a trip to Lowes. He ended up having to make 2 trips, actually. But in the end, we have a shiny, new shower head, a shiny, new faucet and new valves that actually start and stop the water flow effectively, and our shower is amazing. I love him!! He is not only a mechanic, a welder, a landscaper, but even a PLUMBER. (just so he doesn't gain weight and wear low-rise jeans I guess I'll be ok...)

David wants me to add that if his daddy came to our house to visit NOW and took a shower in that shower that he would say we're living in the clover. :)

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