UPDATE since last week...

  1. We quit 2, make that 3, bible studies in the past week. Guess we took the whole creating margins thing seriously. We will be starting a new study in February with a new small group. Funny thing is - we don't feel that bad about quitting, like we normally would. We really don't like to quit things. However, God told Dave in a prayer the other night to be at peace with the whole thing. So we are.
  2. We spent most of this past weekend at home cleaning. David cleaned out his shed so that I can park my car in it. Just in time for the snow. We cleaned the office, rearranged the great room furniture, etc., etc. I'm so excited cuz we're creating a place for me to keep my scrapbook supplies, we can actually see the floor in our office for the first time in MONTHS and we have an entire room full of things we are getting rid of in the next week or so. We also spent Sunday afternoon being still. I had a lot more I wanted to do here but ended up reading, napping, and staying warm in front of the kerosene heater in the great room. It was very cozy and nice.
  3. We marveled at the fact that it was Jan 21st this year before we got a significant amount of snow. It will make winter seem a lot shorter this year I'm sure. So glad!!
  4. David was talking to his welding teacher tonight and found out about his on-the-side business of making belt buckles, furniture, etc. Check out his awesome site: www.fosterweld.com :) He's a very talented welder.
  5. David practiced more with tig welding tonight and then he also got to try out ALUMINUM welding and plasma cutting. He brought home some pieces that he practiced on for me to see. I'm very impressed! And proud of him.
  6. I'm re-joining Weight Watchers Wednesday of this week. Re-committing to meet my goals. Joining with my friend from work. :) I want to lose about 20 more lbs.

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