Oh yeah! We decided that we should take advantage of all the snow we've been getting and head up to Slayter Hill at Purdue. That is THE place to go sledding when you go to Purdue (but of course being the anti-social student that I was, I never went in the 5 years I was there). Now that I've decided to have fun with life and all, we went. We had to go to like 15 stores at least until we found one that wasn't sold out of sleds and tubes. Anyways, we finally found these at Ace Hardware in WL. We were out there sledding for probably almost an hour and a half. I dove face forward in the snow once and also broke thru the snow / ice on top of a little stream and got a show full of water. I was soaking wet all over by the time we got back to the car. Fortunately I'd brought along a dry set of clothes to change into. Then we headed over to XXX Rootbeer for dinner. It was great - cheeseburgers, fries and a rootbeer float. (I know, not on the diet.) Unfortunately, we forgot our camera but took a pic once we got home so we'll always remember this day. We had a great time together and got some exercise in climbing up that hill over and over and over...

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