The Herbal Lady

I had a wonderful day today. I left work an hour early to go see a doctor. She lives closeby. She treats people with herbal remedies rather than prescription drugs. David actually had her husband do some engine work for him a while back and that's how we heard of her. Anyways, she ran a acupuncture test on me and found out some very neat things about my body. I enjoyed it. I'm not claiming to totally understand everything about her diagnosis but I do find it pretty amazing how so much of it lines up with family history and symptoms that I experience, so I thought I'd share what I learned:
  1. I am very healthy. She said that it was a treat to see someone who is not off the charts unhealthy. I said that she ought to see David then cuz I think he's even more healthy...
  2. She determined that I'm allergic to hair spray, certain household cleaners, including lysol, ink (like in a newspaper or new book), tobacco (yeah, I get horrible headaches from smoke), upholstery dust, jute, enamels, ragweed, whey from cows, cottage cheese, muenster cheese and cinnamon. She said that I should try to avoid those foods of which I'm allergic for about 6 weeks and then come back and see her and see how I feel. I'm a bit disappointed because of my newfound love of cottage cheese but I have noticed that my stomach has been pretty upset lately and that may be why. The best thing about this part of the test is that I found out what I'm allergic to without having someone stick needes all over my body.
  3. She also noticed that my liver, gallbladder, large intestine and bladder are stressed. Hmmm... Gallbladder probs run in my family and anyone who's spent any amount of time with me knows that I spend a lot of time in the bathroom.
  4. She noticed several spots in my back were out and recommended I see a chiropractor (which I'm already scheduled for next Wed).
  5. She noticed that I have a very strong skin allergy from some heavy metals. She thinks that it is probably from wearing my rings. She gave me this liquid: heavy metal detox - to take for 6 weeks and she said after that time I should be able to wear my rings again. I shared with her the fact that most these skin problems began 5 years ago when I started taking birth control pills. She said that it must be a combination of that chemical and the metals in the rings interacting.
  6. She could also tell where I was in my monthly cycle without me telling her from this test. Simply amazing!
  7. Also, she noticed that I am homesick (although I try to mask the symptoms these days) so she put some honeysuckle in this one supplement to help with that.

Anyways, she gave me this once juice thing (they used to move a lot of Goji juice but recently switched to this one). Mona Vie is the name. It tastes very good. Mmmmm...

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