Good Day after all

Even after a rough start, today turned out good.
  1. I went in after lunch and worked a half day.
  2. We set aside $800 more to pay off debt, that brings us to $7700 since March 4th. What can I say? God is truly blessing our efforts to become debt free.
  3. We got Maries Candie Easter eggs from Dave's parents. THANK YOU!!! David devoured his. I ate about a 3rd of mine - saving the rest for later.
  4. We had dinner at the Mexican restaurant.
  5. We went to Walmart together. Dave HATES Walmart. I made him go there cuz I had a lot of toiletries, etc. to buy and I thought we could save $$ there. He wouldn't let me buy the Great Value brand fabric softener or the Equate soap. He checked the ingredients and said it was cheaper cuz it was less potent, etc. And I yelled out loud, thinking he was next to me, "They don't have my flavor of oatmeal." I got some very strange looks from other ladies in the aisle.
  6. Dave read like 29 pages of The Magic of Thinking Big.
  7. We cleaned up the house together.
  8. And last but certainly not least, the Schwan man came after 4 whole weeks of no vanilla, and therefore no javas. We can finally make them again!

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