Random Thoughts from my mind on April 11th

Julia had lunch with all of us girls from work today so I got to see little Luke again :) 2 weeks old and so adorable! ....you know, i will be 25 in 57 days. something tells me that i won't make my lifelong dream of having a baby by the time i'm 25. last night at small group dave asked the one guy how old he was and he told him and then they asked how old we are. then they were like, "what were we doing when we were 24?" and the one gal said with great joy, "I was having my first baby!" Dave immediately told her not to tell me that........................................

I worked out with Camille tonight. Yay! we finally stopped makng excuses. I came home in the first of 2 "tornadoes" of the evening. that's what the media said it was. not even raining here. then i checked some blogs. an hour later, started dinner and the second "tornado" hit. my NOAA weather radio won't be quiet tonight.

i am going to attempt to amend our taxes tonight (realized i made a stupid mistake....grrrrr...but we may get $610 back from the federal and state govt combined...). i started last thursday and i'm just getting around to finishing up.

in closing, did you know i'm addicted to eclipse polar ice sugarfree gum???mmmmmmmmm chewing it right now. love it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I'm 25 and live in Wellington New Zealand. My husband and I have been married for nearly 3 years.

I found your blog via Marla Taviano's Xanga site and to be honest this is the first time I've ever commented on anyone's blog.

I really identify with your 'cluckiness' (do you use that term in the US?) as you spend time with babies belonging to friends and family. I too wanted to be a mother by 25 and find it hard to deal with putting that step off at the moment.

My husband and I most definately want to have children but mortgages, jobs and such seem to make that impossible at the moment.

I just wanted to let you know that I was feeling the same way!

Anna W. (NZ)