....let me just start by saying that we're impressed that Linn can cut his hair by himself :)

...Yesterday (4-09) was the 8 year anniversary of our first date. Woohoo! It makes me smile to think of our first date. Perkins and the Upper Valley Mall. Dave was so nervous he couldn't eat. I memorized the names and ages of all of Dave's siblings. (and they will forever be those ages in my mind...)

Mom sent me an email yesterday of this: minifarm4u.com - of course it makes us want to move to Ohio but not enough to have a second, well, third mortgage.

Saturday I went to Erica's baby shower - it's hard to believe little Ryan will be with us soon. :) My family came out over the weekend too. We had a great time celebrating Easter together. I have some pics to post but not enuf time right now...heading off to Small Group in a few. I hope you all have a great night!!

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