So, I am posing a question to all of my avid blog readers and I would appreciate some opinions...

I usually don't wear my wedding & engagement rings everyday (not because I don't love David or anything) but because I have very dry, irritated skin and wearing the rings only hurts me more. And I have never worn them at night because they bother me then. So nowadays I just wear my rings occasionally - maybe to church, when we go out on a date, etc. Anyways, I haven't worn them for some time now and I put them on this evening and discovered that they're just way too big (I guess from me losing weight...). In fact, one time earlier this winter they nearly slid off my fingers while I was driving. Anyways, I am thinking about getting them resized so I don't have to worry about losing them when I do wear them but I wonder how much that would cost and if it would be worth it knowing that maybe sometime in the future we will have children and I figure my fingers (as well as the rest of my body) will get larger again. So, what do you think? Should I get them resized now knowing I may have to get them resized again??? Would it be worth it considering I don't wear them that much now anyways because of my dry skin?

Another thing that I actually thought about was pawning my rings so we can pay off our debt faster and maybe someday buying a gold ring in hopes that maybe my fingers are so irritated cuz I'm just allergic to platinum or something...but David and I decided against that for now. Even though I don't wear my rings that often they are still special to me and it would be hard to get rid of them.

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Anna said...

Hi there,

It's Anna W here again. I haven't yet joined the world of blogging so I don't have my own site. My husband said I'm officially termed a 'lurker' which doesn't sound very nice! :) I do have a google account though so perhaps that will work somehow to make me less anonymous.

Definately don't sell your wedding rings, I think you may regret it later unless you're not at all sentimental.

It's quite interesting how similar our situations sound. My husband has a car in parts in our garage and a million other projects constantly on the go. I'm doing weightwatchers at the moment and getting into running (I'm doing my first duathlon next month.)

Anyway it's nice to meet you, perhaps I'll check out some blog options later on. :)