Weird Night

Yeah, so. I just did something totally out of character for me. Hopefully you won't all be disappointed, but I spent my entire evening in a bar. 4 whole hours. Yes. Me.

Don't worry, I didn't drink a thing except for water because I have never drank and I never will....and I had a bunch of fried chicken fingers. But it was nice. Really. One of my coworkers' last day is tomorrow. He is moving back to his hometown, Milan, IN and working for his dad's construction company. And he and his fiancee, (and also his high school sweetheart), are closing on a house in Milan tomorrow. I'm so excited for him to be moving back home!! So we all had a nice celebration and I played pool for the first time since I was probably 10 yrs old. It was really fun. Turns out I'm not all that bad at it!!

Of course, I did call David before I went. I even asked him to go along but he had a good evening visiting with Nick instead. So now we're back home together and I smell horrible like cigarette smoke. Ugh. So I've got to go wash my hair soon....I just don't think that I could really do that every Thursday night. :(

Anyways, Anna, I'm so excited that you found me on the WWW. It does sound so crazy how much we're alike!! You should definitely start a blog. Do it!! No more lurking (although I do lurk on a lot of other peoples sites too...) Good luck with your duathlon next month - what is it exactly?? And how is Weight Watchers going? How much have you lost?

Also, I got a couple awesome things in the mail today - a thank you from Erica for Ryan's baby shower gift and a card from Jenny :) Thanks to both of you for brightening up the mailbox. I just love getting actual mail!!!!

And our ebay sales just went over $100 this evening. Woohoo! We're that much closer to paying off all of our debt.

Well, off to wash my hair now...

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