Date Night

Saturday night, after a fun day of yardwork together, we went on a date to Carrabba's (didn't cost us cuz we had a gift card...)

On the way, we got a flat tire. It went flat just as we were pulling into the restaurant so while I was waiting for our table, Dave put on my full size spare. (In 12 minutes flat, I might add!! He always impresses me.) We'd been planning to buy new tires for my car in June, but moved it up to May now. Praise the Lord that we've actually been making good financial decisions lately so we could afford them a month early. :)

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awellsnz said...

Great work on your weight loss. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself this week too after finding that a lot of my winter work clothes are too big. I've lost about 7kg so far which is about 15pounds I think and enough to be a dress size. I'd like to lose 10 so that I'm bang smack in the middle of my healthy weight range. I'm fortunate that it's not a huge amount to lose but it definately makes me feel a lot better.

My duathlon (5km run, 10km bike ride) is this weekend. Every time I think about it my stomach does flipflops. Hopefully the weather will be nice on the day, we get a lot of storms here in Wellington at this time of year.

:) Anna W.

Jared said...

.2 hours for a tire change is pretty good... our techs get .3 for that :-)