A glimpse into the future...

So this past week we thought it looked like our neighbor's house was vacant. We rode our bikes down there and discovered that it is. We looked around a bit and took some pics. They have ripped off the siding and taken out some of the windows and doors off all the buildings. They have also taken out all the cabinets, sinks and toilets. It was very strange to see a house fairly similar to ours in quality, age, etc. ripped all apart. It is making this whole Anson thing more of a reality. The last possible deadline of when the developer will close on our house (barring another 2 year extension) is 1 year and 9 months away. It makes me both happy and sad to imagine packing up all our things, gutting our house and selling or moving every salvageable item and getting on with our lives. And if we ever come back we will see a pile or rubble or a warehouse in its place.

After our visit, I came back and made an inventory of what we can salvage or sell out of our house. It was weird going through each room looking at it from that perspective.

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