Our Personal Total Money Makeover Progress

Last Friday we decided to pay off another big chunk of debt, bringing us to a nice even total of $10,000 paid off since March 4th. Woohoo!!! Soon, we'll be calling in to Dave Ramsey's show announcing over the radio "WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!"

Nevertheless, after making that big payment, tithing, and getting groceries over the weekend, there was a whopping $15 left in our checking account. I started out the week feeling a little uneasy but trusting in God to provide.

I came home to find the rest of our federal tax refund in the mailbox - cuz i had to amend the taxes after making a mistake ($75). God has an awesome way of making things work out quite nicely. Now we have $90!! Yes!

Anyways, I am just so grateful that we are more in control than we were 2 years ago. We made a choice to make a big payment and live on less than usual rather than having so many bills that $15 is all we had left over after making just minimum payments on our debt.

Praise the Lord for leading us to this place, where we're on the road to true financial peace :) Maybe we'll force ourselves to live on $15 every week until the debt is gone, I don't know...


awellsnz said...

Hi Katie,

Being a newcomer I must have missed some of the background to your property situation. Is your house being demolished at some stage?

I ran the duathlon 2 weeks ago and came 144th out of 800 entrants in a time of 56 minutes which I thought was a pretty good first effort. My next goal is to run a 10km race but work is very busy at the moment and home is even busier so we'll see.

Anna W.

Marla Taviano said...

Way to go, Dave and Katie!!