This makes me wish I was still on vacation!! I've been building my dream of going on a beach vacation this week. David has promised me that he will take me on a nice, relaxing trip after all our debt is paid off and we've saved 6 months of living expenses and have begun investing 15% of our income (all Dave Ramsey steps...) and then of course saved up the $$ for the trip too...no more credit card trips. Ugh!

So I was thinking Myrtle Beach or Sarasota (Camille gave me info on a place that she's been with her family that looks fun!) and tonight I told David and he said, "What do you think of Hawaii?" hmmmm....so I requested a Hawaii visitor's guide. Maybe, just maybe, we will be able to go there. Makes me think I should get back in touch with my friend from Purdue who grew up in Hawaii so I know where to go once I get there. :)

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