Amazing weekend, amazing life...

Dave & I had an amazing weekend together. We kept saying over and over that we felt like we were on vacation!!

Friday night we went over to Camille's apartment and went swimming with her then we stopped at Pizza King in Zionsville and ate at a table out on their porch area then we stopped at DQ for a sundae and ate in the car with the sunroof open. We then came home and had a little financial meeting and made out our grocery list.

Sat. morning we got up early and went to town. While he was at the barber, I did the grocery shopping. We were back home by 8:30. Then we had pecan waffles & bacon. I put some pork bbq in the crockpot and cut up vegetables that I'd gotten at the grocery and froze them for later use.

Around 11:00, we went out and did some yardwork. We trimmed trees, picked up sticks, and I mowed the yard for the 1st time in almost 3 weeks and it barely needed it, that's how dry it is here!

After that, we had some lunch and made homemade bread and buns and mac n cheese and strawberry pie. While the bread was baking, we went swimming at our neighbors (they are letting us use their pool this week while we take care of the animals while they're on vacation). After dinner, we swam some more then laid out in the yard till dark on a blanket. It was pretty fun. Until our neighbor decided to go for a walk.................

** Sidenote - a couple weeks ago, our other neighbor came over to ask us to housesit for him and we were laying on our couch RIGHT in front of our bay window with the curtains open...in our pajamas. What is up with these neighbors??? **

Sunday we went to the early service then came back and had some french toast. Then we laid out in our yard reading some books. When we got too hot, we went swimming some more. We tried to teach ourselves to dive. David ended up swimming head first into the bottom of the pool (SCARY!!) and got a huge bump on his forehead. We came back home when it started to rain a little tiny bit and we took a nap then talked to our Dad's on our cell phones... We had leftovers for dinner then went to the Lifestyle Home-a-rama and looked through 9 separate million dollar homes. They were absolutely amazing and it inspired us and showed us that there's another world out there where people do make lots and lots of money, and only a couple miles from our house...

Anyways, it was a really awesome weekend. So relaxing and fun. So much swimming! I enjoyed all my time out in the sun. My arms and shoulders are very tan now.

I am more in love with my David than ever before. He is growing and changing so much these days. He just finished the Magic of Thinking Big. :) He makes me so happy.

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