Happy 4th of July!

So I just got back from my paper route. 4 days down, 361 (??) to go. I got some new addresses today and it took almost 3 hours. I delivered 190 papers, I think. There's one more subdivision that might be added to my route and then I can just focus on my speed...Usually Dave & I get done about the same time but today he's taking longer than me (cuz he had a whole new section added as well).

Anyways, yesterday I got up at 3 and did my route then I was back home at 5. Then I showered, did laundry, dishes, cleaned up the house, and balanced the checkbook before heading into work. I even got there early - at 7! I kind of like this new schedule. Except for the exhaustion that comes from staying up till 10 even. Nevertheless, this is a pretty neat second job.

On another note, we have ants! And not in our kitchen (knock on wood!) but in our guest bathroom. Last night I walked in there and flipped on the light and screamed. There were ants ALL OVER the sink. Tons of them. And they're really big ones. Ew! We're thinking they might possibly like the residue of toothpaste left in there...? So Dave ran in with the Raid and killed them on contact. Then we saw there were some on the carpet outside the bathroom so he started spraying it on the carpet (even though I was telling him not to)!! Now I really want to rip the carpet out of this house. I feel like now everytime I walk on there in my barefeet, I'll be absorbing Raid. Ugh. Yuck!

Well, I'm off to enjoy this day off from work. I may go back to sleep or just enjoy the beautiful sunrise that's about to occur. :)

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