Busy day. Got up at 2:30 and I'm still going.......

I'm on a roll this week. Today was an absolutely awesome day at work. I felt so productive for the first time in a long while. I crossed so many things off my list. :) I'm striving to really set daily goals and not leave until I've reached most of the things on my list. I even brought some plans home tonight to review. Funny thing is, as I looked at them, I realized something. I knew that I had worked on this project about 4 years ago while I was interning there. I had remembered one really cold day spent out in the field writing notes after a utility locate. But what I didn't remember was that I set up this entire set of plans. I didn't realize it until this evening when I started reviewing the plans and I saw my initials down in the corner of every page. Then I started remembering typing in the street names and setting up the plan and profile sheets. How crazy is that? 4 years ago!!

We're under a bit of attack right now. But I think that it's mostly over. I have been very inspired this week in setting goals in our personal life. I set some pretty spectacular, life-altering goals for us to reach by my birthday next year. Dave's backing me. We really, truly believe we can achieve them. And so Satan has decided to come in and attack...

We NEVER have car trouble. Yet on Tuesday, something happened to the fuel lines on the Corsica. So he fixed that Tues night. And then Wed. morning, JUST as he was finishing his paper route, the heater core went out on the Corsica. So today he drove the Scrambler. No doors in the very early morning added a whole new dimension to his new job. I had to help him bag all the papers before we could start so they wouldn't blow out of the Scrambler as he was driving down the road. And his Oakley sunglasses blew out at some point. So now he "needs" new sunglasses. Anyways, he didn't even get to come back home b4 work cuz his route took so long this morning. I packed his breakfast and lunch and work shoes for him and met him down the road so he could get to his next job on time. He finished fixing the Corsica this evening out in the driveway and now it has A/C (which it didn't have b4) so tomorrow morning should go better. Yippee!

As if all that isn't enough...Wed while I was mowing, the belt broke. Had to buy a new belt. And Dave's got a sore throat. He sounds like he's losing his voice. And he NEVER gets sick. But he is resting now and sleep is the best medicine. I hope he feels better soon. He has been working so incredibly hard these days. I'm very proud of him.

Anyways, I know that Satan's just trying to slow us down on our Total Money Makeover. We're so united in reaching our financial goals. More than we EVER have been as a married couple. And we've been brainstorming what we could do to share some of these lessons with our church family, cuz we have about told all our friends and family outside of church. I think this could be a really good thing for us. If our church was interested, I think we should teach a SS class on this. And to do that, we'd have to become members. And Dave would have to be baptized again to do that. And then I might be baptized again with him. So, anyways, big, big things are happening. I'm so giddy even though I'm exhausted. And I just want that sly old fox to understand that he is contending with a lot more than Dave & Katie when he picks on us. He's contending with the Holy Spirit in us. And he can never have victory over God! :) Yay!

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