Last Sunday...

was a bittersweet day in our household. We sold the Scrambler. We had the guys who bought it take our picture one last time with it before they left and then after they left, we both cried. Dave because he loved that Jeep and had a vision for what it would be someday, me cuz I know all that and I know that paying off our debt was more important to him than keeping the Jeep. We took all the money from the sale and paid off another $1500 on our second mortgage. At this point, we are almost halfway done paying off our debt. We've paid $19,038 since March 4th. Praise the Lord!!

........The really sad thing is that when Dave went into work on Tuesday, one of his coworkers announced that they'd found his Scrambler for sale on ebay. I guess those guys are trying to "flip" it. :)
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