2 Saturdays again, Mom, Dad, Uncle Phil, Emily & Stinky stopped by for dinner on their way home from Montana & Wyoming. (I had been calling them every day or so to get an update on their trip, living vicariously thru them...) We fixed them BBQ chicken sandwiches and they had some Mumfords (which they left for us-yum!), and for dessert we had some good banana bread that I've recently started making a lot. Stinky got sick on our rug before they left and then he ran outside without his leash and ended up right in the face of our neighbor's black lab, acting all tough. Luckily, Emily was able to coax him back into his arms before he ran all the way to I-65 and became a doggy pancake.

Anyways, I was so excited that they stopped. And it was very special, since it was the first time Uncle Phil had ever been to our house.
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