God steps in again...

So I just got off the phone with the herbal doctor. I called her to cancel my appt. for tomorrow so that I could pay off debt with the $$ I would spend on herbal remedies. I was dreading the phone call because I really like her and like going to her but....God totally turned the whole thing around for His glory. I blurted out that it just doesn't work for me to come see her now financially. And I think she thought that we were in some sort of trouble and said that she understands... So I explained that we set a goal back in March to have all our debt paid off by Aug 31st and we decided we really have to cut back for now. I told her that we've paid off almost $20,000 but we still have a ways to go. She was shocked and very happy for us. She asked how we did it. She told us multiple times that it's amazing for such young people to be so financially consciencous. I told her about Dave Ramsey and the TMMO and the FPU group we're starting at our church. She ended up telling me about their financial woes and asked if she and her husband could be in our FPU group. In fact, she actually offered up her shop (where she does her herbal stuff) for our group to meet. She said that she has it all set up for meetings like that. She has a TV & DVD player and 20+ chairs. I told her that I just love talking about finances. She said, "I can tell it in your voice." I said perhaps I should be a financial counselor or something instead of an engineer. She said, "you never know, especially with you starting this group."

In the end, she said, "I thought this was just another cancellation call and now I'm getting more out of this than you are!!"

Praise the Lord! I'm so happy that I opened up to her and shared because now it could possibly make a difference in their finances. It is just so amazing how God works!!

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awellsnz said...

Hi there,

So perhaps you could give me your best advice about how to cut down on grocery bills. :)

Anna W (NZ)