My boss announced today that we all need to work 12-14 hours every day for the next 4 weeks. We won a new project on Friday and it is due Aug 27th. This comes at a very interesting time for me...since I'm already working an extra 2-3.5 hours a day. Soon to be even more, when Walker Farms is added to my route. I'm not upset though. I know this is a test and with strength from the Lord, I'll make it through this too. But of course, all your prayers would be appreciated. Pray for my health. That I would not get too worn out or stressed out and that my body will not react in sickness, but in strength and health. Pray for our marriage. David and I will not get to be together as much in these days.

My boss also announced that the Columbus office is opening Sept 1st and one of my coworkers is transferring there right away. Just another reassurance that if I need an engineering job in Ohio, I've got one. How cool is that??

When I got home this evening, our Bible on CD was waiting for us. We're listening to it as I type this. It's so neat having the Word of God going in the background in our home, sinking into our minds.

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