september 11th...i remember this day 6 years ago very vividly. i was getting ready for physics class in my dorm room at purdue with lydia when we saw the planes flying into the towers on tv....and then talking to david on the phone about it cuz he was in cleveland at bmw school. the past 6 years have flown by! and how things have changed in our country as a result!

on a much lighter note, i re-joined the YMCA today. dave made several comments over the weekend about how he thought maybe i should make working out a priority again. i was fine with that, since i never really wanted to stop, just did so that we could pay off debt faster. so tonight i found myself back on the treadmill, the stairstepper, the elliptical and then i lifted weights. i was there 70 minutes. it was very refreshing and i feel better and more energetic than i have in months. it was nice to make some time for myself. i think i like alone time. and i'm a lot more grateful for the membership than i ever was before, because i truly realize how much it is costing us.

our first fpu class sunday night was awesome. i'm so thrilled that God is allowing us to minister to others on the subject of finances. we are learning so much ourselves. we have such an incredible passion for finances and sharing the "good news" about it so that others don't ever have to feel as desperate as we have in the past.

well, i have more to say but i better go clean up the dishes and get out to the driveway to read fpu, revisited to dave while he works on the corsica wiring....

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