Wow....God is awesome!

He is SO in control of our finances right now.

  1. We started the Dave Ramsey envelope system this week. Following it pretty well. Using it for groceries and dining out.
  2. Brad told us this morning that he may have a used computer for us. It is at least a year or two newer than the one we have. He is willing to scan ours for viruses and if safe, transfer all our files to the new one, and add on a CD burner to the new one for us. We would have everything we wanted in a computer for under $100. Wow!
  3. We have both been brainstorming like crazy how to pay off the rest of our debt extremely fast. I came up with a potential weekend job for Dave, and when I called to tell him about it, it was too late, cuz he already is planning on spending Saturday working on a friend's Jeep for $$. He also sold one of his beloved flashlights today to a coworker for $140. That will definitely help pay off good ole Sallie Mae a little sooner...and he's going to sell a differential, some wheels, an engine, and Brutus (which he worked late on tonight to get ready to sell)...
  4. I went to the dermatologist today. FINALLY. Got some soothing ointment. Got a prescription for some lotion that has a copay of $60!! But it's all good cuz the dr. gave me a $50 off coupon. YES!

That's all for now. Gotta go fix dinner real quick.

..........Real quick, why does everything in this life have to be real quick right now? drove past a 100 sleepy farms, thru like 5 sleepy towns on the way home from yorktown tonight. So wanted to be back in the simple life. This is such a fast paced life.

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