we are starting our fpu group sunday night. i'm so excited cuz we're meeting with 2 other couples from our church tomorrow night to discuss the group and pray over the 13 week program. we received all our materials in the mail today!! yay!

i was given a cool opportunity at work today. because i put in so much time and effort the past few weeks, i was invited to go along to the client's office for an important conference call today. unfortunately, it was scheduled for the exact same time as my much awaited and already rescheduled 3 times (because of work) dermatologist appointment. so i had to cancel and reschedule my appt. once again. my hands burn and itch in protest. but alas, i guess work is more important than my health for now. i guess now next thursday will be the magical day when i finally get my 2nd opinion from the dr that my other dr recommended.

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