What a crazy life we live right now...

the weeks are absolutely flying by. It seems the only days that register are Friday, Sunday...and then it's Friday and then Sunday again. It's crazy.

Here are a few highlights:
  • We paid off our second mortgage except for $70 as of this past weekend. We will pay off the last $70 in a couple months to avoid paying 2% of $10,000 as a prepayment penalty. It was so awesome going into the bank and asking about the prepayment penalty. The teller was like, "Wait a minute, you're not supposed to pay this off until April 2016." :) Now all we have left is the student loan. All $16,000 of it. We are standing in faith that we will pay it off by this Friday. August 31st. The goal we set. We have no idea how it will happen but we are praying about it and trusting God. Perhaps God will choose not to "rescue" us since we're the ones who stupidly acquired the debt, but we will not give up belief until Friday is over.

And the rest of this list could be taken as complaining. But whatever, I am writing it so someday when I don't have to work so hard I will look back at this and realize how blessed I am and how easy I have it:

  • Dave was in Chicago for training all last week. I barely realized he was gone because I was busy working 75 hours.
  • Wed night I had 3 hrs of sleep before heading out at 1:30 to do the paper route. Ended up having to sub for a bit of another lady's route. Didn't get back till it was time to shower and go into my day job. So I didn't get to go back to sleep as usual. Went into work and was a walking zombie. One coworker asked me when I went to bed the night before. I said 10. She was like, "Oh, you got plenty of sleep then...." the question she didn't ask was, "When did you get up?" Needless to say, the only way I survived that day was 2 iced coffees from McDonalds. Love those new things. Had another today. (free since it was Monday)
  • Worked Saturday. Went to a wedding in the evening. Slept 3 hrs then did the route. Slept a couple more hours. Went to church. Did nursery duty. Slept thru half of the sermon cuz I was so tired. First time I've ever slept in that church. The minister usually captivates my attention. Went to Cracker Barrel. Came back and slept some more.
  • David has been the greatest thru this all. He did all the laundry (6 loads) on Saturday while I was working. He went to the grocery while I slept Sunday afternoon. And tonight he stayed late at work to put brakes on my car. I worked till 8:30 so he came home and started mowing the yard. He's still out there and it's DARK.
  • I better go off to mop the kitchen and vacuum and do some dishes. We're having a guy from church over tomorrow evening to review the FPU materials and I want it to look nice in here.
  • The deadline for our big project at work was today. got 1/3 of it out the door. We're trying to finish the last 2/3 for tomorrow. Then I get to do all the other stuff I've been putting off for the last 2 weeks. Definitely looking forward to this weekend. 3 days off my day job. :)

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