1. I re-started Weight Watchers this week. Mom & Emily officially joined and they have motivated me to track my points again. I'm very thankful for their inspiration. So far Emily's lost 8.6 lbs. I'm so proud of her! I think I've lost about
  2. Here's a one word description of work lately: STRESSFUL. Ok. I don't think that I want to end with just one word, I really feel like venting some more....Everyone is stressed out, about to bite each other's heads off, etc, etc, etc. Gossip is running rampant. People talking behind other peoples backs, people talking about how other people bit their heads off. Today the CADD techs had an hour long meeting RIGHT outside my door discussing how no one is allowed to be "tardy" or have personal phone calls during the work day, etc, etc, etc. I felt so bad for some of the people I work with. They were really put down. And I think I overheard that next week the engineers are going to have a similar meeting. Fun, fun! As if it's bad enough that we all have to work such long hours, now they have to cut off our communication with the outside world while we are there. I think it's dumb & ridiculous to come down on people. I think if you work really late, it shouldn't be a big deal if you come in 15 minutes late the next day or if you miss your family or something to have a quick call with them. I think as long as the work gets done, who cares if every single person is there right at 7:30:00....? whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeewwwwwwwwwwwww. *deep breath, katie*
  3. Anyways, I'm headed into work again in the morning to prepare for next week. It should be really busy for the engineers cuz we will have to do quantities & cost estimates on all the plans the CADD techs have been producing the last couple weeks.
  4. After that, Dave's parents will be here for some weekend fun after they return from taking Jessie to college. :) I'm looking forward to spending time with them. We just so happen to be housesitting for our neighbors this weekend so we will probably be swimming in their pool and hot tub part of the time (don't worry, they gave us permission....)

Well, I will stop boring you for now. I'll post more later!

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jwatercleaner said...

Katie...so sorry to hear that work is like that...I will be praying for you and everyone in the office.