At the end of the week...

  1. My 2 week timesheet at GRW has close to 110 hours on it. (I will only actually be able to charge 80 of them but I keep track for my own personal satisfaction...)
  2. I have delivered approximately 1585 newspapers. (by the way...Did you know that a 4 foot tall stack of newspapers uses up a 40 foot tall fir tree...? Why don't people just read the news online these days? ...although, I'm not complaining cuz I don't want to lose my 2nd job....)
  3. And I have accepted a position as a Papa John's pizza delivery person. Yes. From now on I will have 3 jobs. Yes. Count them. 3 jobs. (They called in response to the application I turned in June 13th. I felt like I should take it on...)
  4. And I have exercised a mere 1 time. Lot of good the gym membership is doing now................

I am a little, well, a lot frustrated at the moment. I have been working so hard this week to meet a deadline at job #1. The project was due today. And it's not done. Not even close. I feel like a complete failure. But I'm not sure what I should have done differently to meet this deadline. As if I wasn't beating myself up enough, I went back to my computer after working with some others down the hall this evening, and I found an email from the client announcing that she hoped we would turn it in over the weekend. She will be off work Monday and would really like to have it on her desk when she returns Tuesday morning. So.....as you would imagine, that made me feel even better. (NOT)

I was so looking forward to spending tomorrow sleeping in and having some quality time with Dave, and I was considering taking Monday off since I've put in so many extra hours lately. Guess none of that will be happening now as I'll be at work trying to finish this project before Tues a.m.

I guess I might as well resign myself to the fact that from this point on in my life, if I want the respect and stuff that I've been getting at work that I will have to completely give up my personal life. Tonight as we were working one of the girls kept getting calls on her cell phone. I said in jest, "Jenny, are you trying to have a personal life? We frown on that here." :) And it feels so true right now. Ugh.

On another note, I have some awesome news but would rather not share with the WWW at this time, so if you wanna know, call or email me or something...

....And for those of you who might be pulling out your jump to conclusions mat right now, I'm not pregnant. (Do you really think that could be a possibility when we're working these hours anyways...?)

Sorry Margy - I hope that's not too graphic for you. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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