This Week

Last Friday was my last day at GRW. Next Monday is my first day at American. Therefore, I have 10 days to enjoy having just 2 jobs instead of 3. It's amazing how quickly the time has gone so far. I have so many plans and lists of things that I want to do, but I know that I can never achieve all of them. (That won't keep me from trying, though...)

  • Yesterday I worked for our newspaper boss for about 4 hours. I made an extra $50.
  • I'm taking on one extra night this week at Papa John's.
  • I got my haircut today. Yay! Nothing new, just a trim, but it was nice.
  • I had lunch with Dave at Dreyer today.
  • I downloaded a free credit report for each of us and printed it today.
  • I am going to clip some coupons.
  • I bought some new trash cans to help organize our recycling. Something new for us.
  • My watch and hairdryer both quit this morning. So I got new ones.
  • We're going to see Dave Ramsey Live Thursday night with Jared, Kim and our FPU group. I'm SOOOOO excited!
  • Dave is taking Thursday and Friday off of his day job so we will have a long weekend together.
  • The leaves are still beautiful on the trees.
  • Tomorrow I would like to do a whole bunch of scrapbooking (which means that I should finish cleaning the office tonight so I don't spend half of tomorrow clearing a path to my scrapbooking table).
  • Last night I fixed sweet potato souffle. MMMmmm
  • Tonight I'm fixing Thanksgiving dinner. You know, a turkey, green beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. The works. David loves when I'm home during the day. Too bad I don't get paid the big bucks for doing this stuff.
  • Last night we snuggled on the couch and watched a movie.
  • I've had lots of time to sleep this week. Starting to feel more alive again. Less like a workaholic zombie on autopilot.

Well, I guess I'm off to finish dinner. See ya later!

In case anyone wants to know, David would like the Superchic (sp?) CD for his birthday. And something else but I don't remember what. I'm such a great listener, huh? I am really, but just not about gifts, material things, etc. Gift giving is NOT my love language.

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