2 milestone days in a row...

Yesterday was David's 26th Birthday. We had a good time celebrating. (We went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch after church and got cheesecake and we went for a drive on his paper route cuz he wanted to show me the buffalo farm...)

Today was my first day at American Structurepoint. I definitely think that I made the right decision changing jobs. Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming even though it is a really big place. I got started on my first project after lunch. Before lunch was a bunch of orientation stuff. They are extremely organized and I really appreciate that! It was amazing to realize that I'm surrounded by 50 other people who actually like working on road projects, who can answer any questions that I have about road projects, etc. I don't have to feel like an outsider anymore.

Another awesome bonus is that they have a wellness program. If I have a health screening in December and track my fruit and vegetable intake everyday for the year, I will save $30 / mo on my health insurance. They also have a workout room but I was told it is less than stellar. I think I will start going to Lifetime again. It is very close and the same price as the YMCA. And really cool. Ahhhh. Yes. I have decided that I can't let work take priority over my body like I let happen at GRW. Once I allowed it to take over my life, there was no turning back. ....but I did work an extra hour today on my first day. It's a lot easier to put in extra time knowing I'm getting paid time and a half. YES!

Tonight David got 4 birthday cards in the mail. He was very excited and humbled to know that people love him. :)

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