flurry of thoughts

it's been a while since i updated, and i have so much to say, but after this long day, my mind is simply mush. i guess i'll make a list to try to capture my thoughts.
  1. we celebrated thanksgiving last week by meeting our parents and steve's family at cracker barrel in richmond. it was the first time i'd seen my parents since july 7th, and steve's family since june 10th. ....the funny thing is, last year we ate our dinner at that restaurant on our way home after celebrating thanksgiving at aunt sharon's at lunch. i remember seeing large families gathering there to celebrate the holiday. i thought it was so sad that they didn't get to have a party at home. but this year, i'll admit, it was nice not having to fix food or wash dishes....or drive all the way home...heehehehehe....
  2. i started back on weight watchers monday. i'm determined to lose the last 30 lbs this time around. i have put back on about 10 lbs since february and i need to get it off. i'm miserable. none of my clothes fit right. not even my sweat pants! and i'm not going to buy new fat clothes. i gave all my old fat clothes away for a reason, so i couldn't go back into them. (it's going well so far....i'll know if i lost anything next monday...)
  3. today was a bit of a challenge at my new job. i felt lonely. in a building with 250 people. nice. no one was talking. my team was trying to get a big project out the door today, and since i hadn't worked on it before, i wasn't really involved with that. i hope that tomorrow will be better.
  4. last friday was my last night delivering pizzas. woohoo! i am so grateful to be at home tonight rather than running around and around and around zionsville delivering pizza....and i'm soooo grateful to know that friday night and every friday night from now on, i'll get to be with my david again! yes! (the funny thing is that i kinda miss it a bit because i did get to interact with so many people...i guess it is a contrast to my day job...and the newspaper route)
  5. anyways, the rest of the stuff in my mind probably doesn't matter that much. just a bunch of to do lists....finish filling out a ton of insurance paperwork, clean the house, do laundry, etc.
  6. i also want to make a 2008 calendar on snapfish.com with pics of us in each applicable month to have at my desk at work, make an idaho vacation and houseboating '06 scrapbook, and start our year 5 scrapbook....etc, etc. i have so many fun little projects to work on in my newfound freetime. :) i can't imagine what it will be like when we finally are able to sleep thru the night!

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