1. being home friday night was everything i imagined it could be. peaceful, relaxing, fun, etc. yes! it's amazing how having 3 jobs really makes you appreciate having just 2 again.
  2. dave applied for his passport this week. he's going to go with our friend, jack, and some others from church and the area to costa rica in feb for a week. i'm excited for him but i don't really want to go myself.
  3. by the end of this week, our $38,503 of debt that we had march 4th should be whittled down to about $3,700 or so. we're about 90% there. praise the Lord! we are standing in faith that we will be done with the rest by christmas. i am just so thrilled that our hard work and faith is paying off. please pray that the ford truck sells. or if that isn't God's will, that the money turns up elsewhere.
  4. i entered a drawing at work yesterday and won 2 tickets to the purdue mens basketball game for this afternoon. so our plans for today changed in a totally awesome way. these tickets cost $25 each. we would never pay $50 to go to a basketball game. that's why even though i really wanted to go each season for the past 7 years, i never have. i remember last year practically begging david to let me buy tickets. but he said no. we should spend the money on something else. like debt. i'm so glad that i delayed and waited cuz now we get to go for free!! (and now i like my new job even more...things got better towards the end of this week. i found i just had to speak up more and tell them i needed more to do...and being busy makes me happy...)

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