excitement in our household...

we had a great day yesterday. we slept in and then went to the purdue basketball game. they won 71-60. afterwards, we met dave's coworker who lives in lafayette and had dinner at Triple XXX Rootbeer. Mmmmm....it is the best diner around!

we came home about 8:30 and heard a cat meowing in our shed. we figured it was the neighbor's cat so we just came inside. this morning when we went out for the paper route, we still heard it. david looked around and found the cutest little kitty hiding behind one of our garbage cans. he lured it out and petted it. he named it maximus. i'm not sure i like that name though. i got it a bowl of milk and some tuna. and we left. i just got back and it was hiding behind the trash can again. it had eaten all the tuna and drank some milk. i'm so excited. i don't even really like cats, but they do eat mice and this one is soooo cute. it's black with white spots on it's back and face. i will post a pic soon but dave has the camera with him right now. God is so good to give us a little kitty right at christmas time. i hope that we can be good parents to it. :) we don't have the best track record with dogs. i'm just so excited to be a mother to something. ha!

so i guess we better go buy some cat food today. (after we find out if this is our neighbor's cat of course...oh, i hope not!)

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