and the paper route adventures continue....this morning it was pretty snowy and slick. i hit a decorative light pole in stonegate. knocked it over. dented my front bumper and lost my toyota emblem. nice. but at least i'm ok. :) i almost got stuck 3 times in ditches. i would like to have another jeep. too bad we sold them all.

these pics were taken sunday morning...

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by the way, we named our cat "bob". after "the bobs" in office space because peter in office space says, "i've got 8 bosses bob", and we said to the cat, "we don't have time to pet and hold you, you'll have to self-sooth. we've got 4 jobs, bob" :)

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there you two...almost over! I never even thought about snow problems...and I'm sure the snow plows usually pile it up right in front of the paper boxes for you. Will insurance cover the post?