dave and i got in a fight yesterday morning when he called me to wake me up (he was finishing his paper route and i was taking my 1 hr nap from 5-6 a.m.). he said he couldn't understand a word i was saying. i got mad because after several attempts at speaking more clearly, he still yelled, "You're mumbling!" so we hung up on each other in a big huffy fight. as i hung up, i realized WHY he couldn't hear me. i was talking into my cell phone upside down. HA. ...just another sign that i need some more sleep.

and i will soon be getting it!! only 4 more days of the paper route life. and only 2 of them where we have to work all day after it. so, we're completely overjoyed. :) yet, it is a little bittersweet. as much as we have complained about it, this paper route has defined us for the past 6 months and 3 weeks. this is the close of a chapter in our lives.

another plus, rather than spending $300 / week on gas we will soon be spending maybe $250/mo on gas. woohoo! that's a $950 savings / month. ...which leads me to the question, did we actually make any money with the paper route? i just asked dave that. he responded, "we made SOME money." but we both agreed that the paper route was more of a self-imposed punishment and that was worth way more than any money we could have ever earned doing it. last summer, i would ask dave if he liked the paper routes. cuz i kinda did. he always said, "Yes, but not enough to ever use a credit card again."

we have truly put ourselves through an endurance test this year and we know that if we ever turned back to credit again, we would have to make ourselves go through this again. and we really, really really don't want that. and if we had children at that time, it wouldn't be nearly as easy to pick up extra jobs and stay late at our day jobs. we would be neglecting our children, in fact, if we both ever worked this much again. and that is surely not our goal.

ok. so, all that being said, i must get into bed NOW.

only a few more days and i will be able to stay up if i want to. :)

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We're counting the days too!