oh yeah, about the spiritual battle in our home...

Dave & I have determined that although we met our goal of paying off debt, we have failed miserably in this test of life. We have been very, very short with one another lately. It's been horrible. I got to the point the other day when I literally cringed at the thought of going home because I knew it would mean another series of arguments about where the Q-tip landed when it was aimed for the trash can, where the XS is and the cooler and what time we need to leave for work, etc, etc, etc. I admitted that to him and he was relieved that I could see the problem as well.

Anyways, we feel that because we are not living out the principles set forth in the Word of God, some of the protection that we normally enjoy has been lifted. We are not drawing as much strength from God. Not because He isn't offering it but because our worldliness has separated us from it. Furthermore, things in the house have gone haywire. Our dishwasher malfunctioned and ran for 6 hours while we were gone Saturday and flooded the kitchen. The water then ran into the front room. Two days later the house reaked of rotting, moldy carpet. So now we're tearing out the carpet in the front room to reveal the original hardwood floors. The washing machine is making weird noises and the Corsica is being worked on in Dave's bay here at Dreyer as I type. Brad built us a new computer an then when we brought it home and plugged it in, it didn't work. Anyways, I truly believe that these are all a result of a spiritual battle for our hearts and minds. We have let the devourer in to our lives and look what has happened. We must constantly renew our minds and be in the Word and we haven't been. The next few months are going to be full of time drawing ourselves back in.

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