just got home. got the mail. letter from mortgage co. stating that we no longer have homeowners insurance. it didn't get renewed as of jan 4th according to them. i freak out. dave gets home right after me. i tell him. he gives me a tired, blank stare and says, "what does that mean?"

i say, "if our house burnt down, our insurance wouldn't replace it."

so i rush into the filing cabinet to check that it was renewed. i honestly couldn't remember if we'd received a renewal certificate or not. on my way, i hear the fire alarm go off.

wow. i ask dave, "that's a little ironic, isn't it?"

we think it's just a low battery, but wow. we really need to watch our words. it's amazing.

david keeps telling me about phillipians 4:8. i need to focus more on that.

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